Enduro Tours

We organize enduro tours in the area of ​​Northern Pindos and Epirus, located in the prefecture of Grevena, where you also organize the Enduro GP World Championship and where three of the most important drivers of the Greek Championship are based: Papatheodorou Christos, Yannis Pavlidis and the longtime Champion Vasilis Siafarakas.

Meet the enchanting parts of Pindos where the champions train, cross Pindos through the trails we have mapped, map and mark for you. 85 -120 km each, passing through ridges, gorges, rivers, lakes, forests, stone bridges and traditional villages. Take your friends and come for an unforgettable ride.

Package Offer

3 full days enduro,4 nights in luxury rooms with fireplace and sauna in the 4-star hotel Pindos Palace, in the forest from where the routes begin and end, with a special rake in the hotel area, a closed garage for the motorbikes with a washing machine and the necessary tools, sprays, etc.

All inclusive with welcome drink, Greek breakfast and traditional local cuisine. The first night will be a detailed presentation of the routes and points of supply that we and the region undertake in a projector.

Price: 240€ / adult with your own motorbike and gasoline.
Price (for 3 nights): 190€ / adult
Price (for 2 nights): 140€ / adult

Enduro Tours