ATV - UTV Tours

We organize off-road ATVs - UTV Tours in the area of North Pindos and Epirus. Cross the Valia Calda National Park, Vasilitsa, the Portitsa Gorge and many other enchanting places through mapped 80 - 120 km of rivers, ridges, stone bridges, forests and traditional villages of Pindos and Epirus.

The first night of your arrival at our hotel Pindos Palace is a detailed presentation of the routes, the refueling points that we and the area undertake in a projector.

Package Offer

2 full day Off-Road ATV - UTV Tour, 3 nights in a luxury room with a fireplace and sauna in the 4-star hotel Pindos Palace, in the forest.

All inclusive with welcome drink, Greek breakfast and traditional local cuisine. Closed garage for ATVs with washing machine and some elementary technical support with necessary tools etc. At the end we give souvenirs t-shirts.

Price: 195€ / adult with your own ATV and your own fuel
Price (for 2 nights): 145€ / adult


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