4x4 Tours

Our company organizes off-road 4x4 Tours in the area of ​​North Pindos and Epirus. Cross the northern Pindos, the Valia Calda National Park, the villages of Epirus, the Aoos springs, Portitsa Gorge and many other enchanting places through 80% of the dirt streets with extreme pieces. Two 140-180 km routes mapped for you.

The first night of your arrival at the Pindos Palace hotel will be a detailed presentation of the routes, coffee and food stops and the area in a projector and we will give you a map of Garmin GPS with the route maps.

Package Offer

Two full days Off-Road 4x4 Tour, 3 nights in a luxury room with a fireplace and sauna in the 4-star hotel Pindos Palace, with welcome drink, greek breakfast and dinner, with local traditional cuisine. In the end you will be given souvenir t-shirts.

Price: 280€ / adult with our own 4x4 1/4 person our own fuel and tour-guide.
Price: 195€ / adult with your own vehicle and your own fuel.

4x4 Tours